Dogs, Cats, Horses and an Iguana...Oh My!

Pet Portraits are my favorite things to paint. I love to hand people paintings that touch them deeply. In this case, tears are good! I have been told that I actually paint family heirlooms. I hope to continue painting for many years to come. It is such a peaceful process for me.

                                     "Tasha" 16" x 20"


"Sitting Pretty"  16" x 20"


                                      "Big Grey"  16" x 20" 


                                "Mamma and Baby"  16" x 20"


"Cherie's Boy"  16" x 24"


"Sweet Puppy" 16" x 20"


"My Duck"  16" x 20"


                            "Meow and his Painting"

The iguana is on Pet page 2.

May I paint your pet?